Commercial Insights Publishers

CIS Publishers


As a Publisher, you naturally also want to have insights into the sales of your products via Therefore, we have now made the Commercial Insights Publishers also available for Publishers who sell as suppliers via!

The Commercial Insights Report Publishers (CIS Publishers) is a report exclusively for Publishers selling as a Supplier on In this report, you can see how many units you have sold as a Publisher from Monday to Sunday. You can see whether an order was placed from the Netherlands or from Belgium, and you can see how much stock is still available.

Benefits of the Commercial Insights Report Publishers

  1. We give you insight into which books are popular in the Netherlands and in Belgium that you can use to optimise your campaigns or promotions;
  2. We give you insight into how much stock is left so you can optimise it so you don’t run out of stock;
  3. You can see which books (with which NUR code) are the most popular on and give them (even) more visibility or focus on the books that are not picked up organically by customers;
  4. You can see how many pre-orders are outstanding for specific books, so you can take them into account in terms of production.

CIS Publishers contains only physical books. E-books and audiobooks are excluded.


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