Visits & Conversie Publishers


This report shows how many visits your range has received and the conversion rate on your items. The Visits & Conversion Publishers Report also gives you insight into your performance against competitors.

Benefits of the Visits & Conversions Report Publishers

  1. You get insight into the number of visits per item you sell
  2. You get insight into your buy button percentage
  3. You get insight into how many visits (potential) you are letting go of
  4. You can calculate your Missed Sales on your articles
  5. All the above points will help you optimise your stock levels

By visits, we mean the number of visitors per article. The Visits & Conversions report shows how many visitors visited your articles, per article. The articles we show in the Visits & Conversion report are determined in the CIS Publishers report.

You can see not only the number of visitors, but also whether these were Dutch or Belgian visitors and whether they visited the page via Mobile, App, Desktop or Tablet!

Buy button
This report shows you how many visitors visited your items. A visit only counts if you actually had the buy button.

You can also see how many visitors visited the article on the entire platform. From there, you can calculate what your buy button percentage (how many times you won the buy button) is.

In the Visits & Conversion Publishers report, you can see for each article (determined in the CIS Publishers) what the conversion rate is. For example 6%. You can see whether this was bought by Dutch people or Belgians. You also get conversion figures per device (Mobile, App, Tablet and Desktop).

Benchmark on Visits
At, each article is in a product group (chunk). Because within books, all books are in the same chunk, we do not give the benchmark by product group, but by NUR code. The benchmark on visits that we report weekly is a ranking of all articles from a NUR code group. Based on this, we show where your articles stand in this ranking.

For example, if we have 500 novels within, we rank them from number 1 to number 500. Your place in the ranking is determined by the number of visits. In the report, we show where your novel is in this ranking. This way you can see whether there are still many visits to be made.

Please note! The benchmark ranking is only based on Visits and is therefore not the same as the List Page Ranking.