Product groups / Advertisement groups

A product group makes it possible to structure your campaigns better.

Create product groups

When creating a new campaign, you will be asked to name and create a first product group. After creating the campaign, you can then create additional product groups in the campaign. Product groups are mini campaigns within your main campaigns. This makes your sponsored products account a lot clearer because by using product groups you have a shorter list of campaigns and you build more structure in your account.

Do you have a varied offer within a campaign?

If you have a varied offer within a campaign, we recommend creating multiple product groups and adding unique relevant keywords in each product group. In this way you ensure that your various products are only delivered for the most relevant keywords.

We will give you an example

You sell different types of shoes. Then you can create a campaign ‘Shoes’ and then place all articles in this campaign. Your campaign simply delivers, but you have a lot more structure if you create different product groups. We recommend creating the following product groups for this shoe campaign:

Campaign: Shoes
  • Product group 1: Lace-up shoes
  • Product group 2: Boots
  • Product group 3: Sneakers
  • Product group 4: Sport shoes

The advantage is that you can see at a glance how your products are performing per product group. You can easily add and pause products and keywords per product group.
If we take the product group ‘Lace-up shoes’ as an example, it is advisable to add the following keywords and negative keywords, among others:

Product group 1: Lace-up shoes
  • Keyword 1: Lace-up shoes
  • Keyword 2: Lace-up shoes for men
  • Keyword 3: Leather lace-up shoes
  • Negative Keyword 1: Boots
  • Negative Keyword 2: Sneakers
  • Negative Keyword 3: Sport shoes

De zoekwoorden zorgen er voor dat jouw veterschoenen alleen op relevante zoekwoorden getoond worden. De uitsluitingszoekwoorden zorgen ervoor dat er geen mogelijkheid is dat je veterschoenen op deze termen getoond worden. Wanneer een klant namelijk zoekt op ‘Laarzen’ wil je natuurlijk een stuk liever dat de producten in je productgroep ‘Laarzen’ getoond worden.