Fastlane delivery at

Making the delivery process easier for you and us.

What does ‘Fastlane’ reservations mean?

With this new functionality we want to increase the predictability of the delivery process to our distribution centers. The approach of this new functionality is to give carriers the opportunity to make a booking in advance for a specific period at a distribution center. For deliveries that are notified in advance by means of a time slot reservation, a dock will be made available that is tailored to the capacity.

What is the advantage for a carrier?

By reserving time slots in advance, we can better coordinate inbound capacity. For carriers this will mean that:

  • Upon arrival at the distribution center, the driver does not have to get out in front of the barriers (communication takes place via the intercom)
  • On arrival, the porter will grant access via intercom and dock assignment based on the reservation number (shipment ID).
  • Capacity is planned in advance to speed up the processing process.
  • All this speeds up the lead time of a delivery.

How does it work?

In order to use fastlane, an appointment must be made in advance. You choose a day and time when you want to deliver and we make sure that your carrier can deliver at that time. In addition, the following aspects are important:

1. Arrive on time!

We are happy to process your delivery within the time allocated for it. We expect you at the gates of the distribution center within 15 minutes of the agreed time.

2. Use the Fastlane!

Report the shipment ID via the intercom. If approved, you are immediately assigned a dock number for unloading. Follow any additional instructions given by the porter.

3. Park at the dock!

Park your vehicle in the specified dock. After this, go to the warehouse office to process the delivery. Do not forget to bring the packing slips, as you will need them.

What are the rules of this process?

In order to make the process run smoothly, we will observe the following rules:

  • A time slot must be reserved in the system for each transport movement.
  • An appointment must be registered in the system by 20:00, the day before delivery.
  • When delivering via the Fastlane, the driver must be present between the start of the period and 15 minutes afterwards, at the barriers of the distribution center.
  • At the barrier, the driver must communicate the reservation number of the time slot via the intercom.
  • Regular packing slips (= the current process) still have to be handed over during the deliveries at the DCs, at the docks.
  • Of course, the delivery day of the shipment is always leading which you receive from the client/supplier/partner.

Participating DCs from

All distribution centers use this new functionality. For completeness, the addresses are listed below:

  • Location Veerweg: Veerweg 16, 5145 NS Waalwijk
  • Location BFC: Mechie Trommelenweg 1, 5145 ND Waalwijk (a separate Fast Lane has been set up at this location, see the signage on location)
  • Location BFC XL: Divisiedok 1, 3439 JM Nieuwegein

For questions about Fastlane options, please contact Supplier Service via