What is pre-alert?

Deliveries to our warehouses are not possible without a valid pre-alert in our portal. You can read exactly what that means below.

Pre-alert is a general term used by bol.com logistics for managing packing slips. Bol.com uses a pre-alert to inform you when to deliver an order.

Suppliers can create packing slip numbers in the Supply Chain Portal.

The term ‘pre-alert’ is known by SCP Suppliers because they select the articles manually and actually pre-notify. The term ‘DESADV message’ is used for EDI Suppliers.

To create a pre-alert, choose ‘Create Shipment’ in the portal to create a new shipment. A manual pre-notification consists of sixsteps.

1. Choose date and address

Choose date and address

2. Select order lines

Select the order numbers to be included in the shipment. Please note that only open order lines are displayed here, so select carefully which lines will be delivered.

3. Shipment information

Indicate the number of pallets or packages in the shipment.

4. Define transport units

Indicate which EANs should be linked to packing slip numbers/pallet numbers.

Not clear enough? Then watch the video: “Introductie van SSCC in SCP”.
From minute 2:50 you can see how this must be filled in

5. Confirm pre-alert

Please write down your own reference number here and confirm the shipment you have just made.

6. Print label

Print out the label with the reference number from step 5.