I want to become an EDI Supplier, what should I do?

Would like to stop doing your ordering, invoicing and pre- alert processes manually? Then you can automate them by becoming an EDI Supplier.

The electronic exchange of business data between ERP systems in a structured format.

Standard EDI
The integration of B2B processes such as order, order change, order response capability, shipping advice and electronic invoicing.

Message types
We place our orders electronically via the message type ORDERS and change our orders, in the case of cancellation, via the message type ORDRCHG. In response, we expect your quality order response, shipping advice and invoice via the message types ORDRSP, DESADV and INVOIC.

Message types
Bol.com uses 4 message types:

All 4 types of messages are mandatory, it is not possible to only send a few message types through EDI and provide the other messages manually. The EDIFACT documentation per message type can be found above.

Processes are linked by Global Location Number (GLN).

If you would like to be considered for an EDI link, please discuss this with your Buyer at bol.com or send an e-mail to edi@bol.com. After indicating interest in an EDI connection, an ‘intake’ meeting will be scheduled in which the high-level requirements will be discussed. You will also discuss a timeline in this meeting, together with the EDI team.

Here is a look into the intakeprocess if you want to become an EDI supplier.