I have FTP connection problems, what now?

If you can no longer login to the FTP server, this may be due to a number of reasons. This is how to resolve it.

Offer feed

To be able to upload the offer feed it is important to have a connection to the FTP server. Occasionally, no connection is made. There are four reasons why there may be no connection:

– IP address is not on the whitelist
– Incorrect password or login name
– FTP settings are incorrect
– Firewall block


In order to access the FTP of bol.com, the external IP address of your location must be whitelisted. You can send this to supplier@bol.com. You can find your IP address via www.whatsmynip.nl. It is also possible to pass on multiple IP addresses if you work from multiple locations.

If your connection suddenly stops working, then the IP address has probably changed. Please note: if you are working with a dynamic IP address, make sure you request a fixed IP address and provide that to Supplier Service.

Account reset

Bol.com does not remember passwords of Suppliers. If you have lost your login details, Supplier Service can perform an account reset. The new login data can be used after a processing period of one hour.

FTP settings

In order to have the desired connection, the programme must have the right settings. The settings can be requested from Supplier Service.

Firewall block

If the top three reasons did not bring about the desired solution, it is often due to a firewall block of the Supplier. The Supplier must resolve this with its own IT department.