Frequently asked questions invoicing Advertising via

On this page you will find information about invoicing from Retail Media. This is interesting if you use the services of Advertising via such as sponsored products, display advertising and social advertising.

Do you use Advertising via Then you will receive a separate Avb invoice, which you can find in the portal under the tab ‘Invoicing’. This invoice is different from the Vendor Allowance invoices.

The costs of Advertising via of last month will appear on the invoice directly on the first of the month. In the Excel specification you will also find a breakdown of the costs per day, per campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions: Invoicing

Where can I find my invoice?

Avb invoices are available in the portal on each first day of the month and you can always search back here. Avb invoices will no longer be sent by mail.

Why does my invoice look different?

The layout of the invoice has been improved and is now the same for all customers of Advertising via

What is billed per month?

The Advertising via costs of the previous month are directly included in the next invoice, even if the campaign is still running. This way, you will always be billed exactly what was actually delivered.

Where can I find the specification of what has been invoiced?

On the portal. There is a standard specification available in Excel as an attachment. In which per day, per campaign is stated what the costs are.

Frequently asked questions: PO number

What is a PO number?

Purchase Order (PO) numbers are used internally by companies to track and approve their purchases and associated invoices.

When should I provide the PO number if I want it on my invoice?

If you want a PO number on your invoice you will need to provide it during the campaign request process. In the new process, invoicing is automatic and no more manual actions are required. This benefits the turnaround time and quality.

Where can I find my PO number on the invoice?

This is listed under “REFERENCE”.

Can I use multiple PO numbers at the same time?

If you want to use a different PO number for different budgets or campaigns, this is possible. Please indicate this clearly to your contact person or mail to this email address. You will receive a separate invoice for each PO number.

I entered the wrong PO number, what should I do now?

Please contact us at this email address.

Frequently asked questions: Other

Why is the invoicing for Advertising via changing?

This change provides a faster, more reliable and insightful administrative process with 1 point of contact for questions and comments to Retail Media.

What other changes are there?

Order forms will be digitally signed with DocuSign.

Can I still use the same account number?

Yes the account number of remains unchanged for suppliers that purchase Advertising via

I have different payment terms, will these change?

Payment terms and agreements with (including Retail Media) remain unchanged.

Why do I still receive Avb invoices by e-mail?

Existing budgets that have not yet been fully spent and/or invoiced will still be invoiced in the old way. So during a short transition period you may receive 2 different invoices. Nothing will change for the other VA (Vendor Allowance) invoices.


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