Correct pre-announcement

News is going to tighten its control on the correct pre-announcement of shipments in accordance with's logistic delivery terms and's logistic delivery terms and conditionsconditions.

The’s logistic delivery terms and conditions states that:

  • Before shipment, the digital registration is required for each shipment.
  • A shipment that has been registered must be delivered on the specified delivery date.
  • The Item codes and the numbers in the registration must correspond exactly to the content of the physical shipment.

The above is necessary for proper planning, smooth inbound process and faster processing of goods.

Currently we see that there are still many discrepancies between pre-announcement and the actual (physical) delivery and therefore not properly comply to the conditions. By focusing more sharply on these conditions, we expect to realize the following improvements, among others:

Because the aforementioned improvements are only possible if every supplier complies with the conditions, we appeal to you as a supplier via this message. We request you to be keen on making a correct pre-announcement and corresponding delivery with immediate effect. For now this is a general message and doesn’t concern a specific shipment.

In addition, will monitor more closely in the coming period for discrepancies between the pre-announcement and the actual delivery and suppliers can be contacted in case of non-compliance with the conditions.