Important information regarding the peak period

Please read this information carefully!


The busiest period of the year is coming up again! To make this as easy as possible for you and for us, we have listed the most frequently asked questions. So you can get an answer to your question immediately without waiting too long! And, there are of course more answers to your questions on our website, please also take a look at this before you call/email.

Please note! If there are any malfunctions, you can find them here.

Is your company closed during the holidays? Make sure you also enter the closing days in the portal. You can read how this works here.

We will update this page if there are many of the same questions about a particular subject. So make sure you read this page carefully before contacting Supplier Service.

Good news! You can manage your own contacts in the Supplier Portal.
See how to do this here. Contacts for the Supply Chain Portal can be requested via the Supplier Service.

Do you see mail addresses that should no longer be active? Then get them removed by the person with the admin role. Don’t have one yet? Request one. This way you avoid missing important information.

Always make sure your entire offer is on the offer feed.
Upload it as often as necessary, in case of price changes and quantity changes.

Is your offer feed not working properly? Then check the common errors.

It is necessary to add content for the products you have uploaded in the offer feed.
Make sure the basic and mandatory information is filled in!
If this information is missing, the products will not come online.
More information on content can be found here.

Problems uploading content? Then first check in the portal what the reason for the problem is and the website.
Can’t figure it out? Then send the following information to

  • EAN numbers (not in a screenshot)
  • Screenshots of the problem
  • Description of the exact problem

This way the Supplier Service can help you as soon as possible. If the information is not complete they cannot help you.

Orders are entered by the Supply Chain Specialist. Therefore, having an order inserted cannot be done by the
Supplier Service.
Have you accidentally cancelled an order (line)? Then read what to do here. Modifications for orders are explained here.

The pre notification process can be found here.
In addition, this explanation can also be found in the manual of the Supply Chain portal under the heading ‘help’.

If you want to move a pre-notification during the ‘peak’ period, please contact us.
This is to avoid capacity problems at our warehouses.
Make sure you deliver on the RDD during this period. Is this not possible? Contact your Supply Chain Specialist.

Delivery of a shipment must always be done according to the delivery conditions.
These can be found here. There are also certain requirements for the way you pack and ship items.
We have listed these requirements here.

Want to know until what time the warehouses are open and which days they are closed? Find out here!

Red/Yellow card
If you or your transport company did not deliver the shipment according to the delivery conditions, you will receive a red or yellow card.
You will find the reason for the red/yellow card in the e-mail you receive and more information on the website.
Try to avoid this as much as possible by sticking to the delivery conditions and if it does happen, first check the e-mail and your
shipment to see what went wrong.

If the red/yellow card is really unclear, contact the Supplier Service.

Please read the above information and the website carefully and also keep it close at hand.
This way, as many problems as possible can be solved quickly and there is a quicker response for ad hoc and not self-solving problems.
This is how we will successfully get through the peak together!