Improved positions of sponsored products on product detail pages


Greatly improved positions of sponsored products on product detail pages

On the product detail pages (PDP), the sponsored products positions go up. We place the ads below the purchase button, and from now on above the carousels (‘Others Also Viewed’ and ‘Smart Combine’), and just below ‘Also interesting’ on the app. This will ensure that the sponsored content with your products, will come to the attention of consumers better. You will then concretely see the ‘See Also’ carousel, in which your ad may be seen, above the other slots on the page.

Increased visibility & interaction

About 35% of all clicks in sponsored products come from the PDPs. It is therefore expected that these greatly improved positions will give much more interaction with these ads. For your ads, this is likely to lead to significantly more clicks and expectedly more conversions. A lot of traffic on lands directly on the PDPs from Google. Therefore, it is very relevant to be able to have improved visibility here now. The expected impact of this change is 30% – 100% more clicks from the PDPs on sponsored products.

Our advice: widen your daily budgets and take maximum advantage!

You will benefit most from the improved positions if you give sponsored products more room to deliver the clicks. Therefore, we advise you to increase your daily budgets by 20% – 50% and monitor your campaign performance closely. Because more clicks means that you can also start to notice this in your budgets. Based on previous changes, such as the position 1 and 2 change this summer, we expect that your CTR may improve. So keep a close eye on your daily budgets! So temporarily increase your budget as early so that you can immediately grow in improved visibility on the PDPs. No further actions are necessary.

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