Frequently asked Questions

How nice that you are participating in testing the new sponsored products environment!


Below you will find the most frequently asked questions:

Why is bol transitioning to a renewed sponsored products environment? 

Bol is currently working on a renewed sponsored products environment to innovate faster in the future and better accommodate the needs of our advertisers. This will help us provide a better experience both in the short and long term. We achieve this through a clear user interface in the bol look & feel, enhanced scalability for the API with bulk endpoints enabling smarter strategies, and more. This renewed environment also allows us to innovate more quickly and implement partner feedback. 


What does this mean for me as a supplier? 

This renewed environment will eventually replace the old environment around the summer of 2024. We currently have an initial test version of the new environment ready. We plan to test this environment with a select group of suppliers for a few weeks. This means that not all the functionalities planned for the new tool will be available during this initial test phase. 


When will the transition to this renewed environment take place? 

We expect all advertisers to transition to this renewed sponsored products environment gradually throughout the summer of 2024. This will occur in phases, and you will be informed when it becomes more concrete and relevant. 


What does the test phase mean for me as a supplier? 

Since we want to replace the current sponsored products environment with a renewed one, we aim to gather user feedback as early as possible. All feedback during this phase will be considered in the further development of the new sponsored products environment. 


Why have I been selected for this test phase? 

Various types of advertisers have been invited to participate in the test phase for the new sponsored products environment, ranging from beginners to advanced users. As a supplier, you are included in this selection, with around thirty advertisers expected to participate in this test phase. 


What does the test period look like? 

The test period starts with a kick-off webinar on January 9, 2024, involving all selected participants. In this webinar, we will provide information about the test period. The test phase lasts for 7 weeks and concludes with a webinar on Thursday, February 29, 2024. 


Do I have to pay for setting up new campaigns during the test phase? 

As a thank you for participating in the test phase, you will receive €250 in free credits from us to use for setting up campaigns in our new sponsored products environment. These free credits will be available when the test period begins. 


What is expected of me during the test period? 

During the test period, we want to gather all your feedback as an advertiser regarding setting up and monitoring campaigns in the renewed sponsored products environment. Your feedback will be used to further develop the environment and meet the needs of other suppliers using sponsored products. 


In the test period, you are expected to set up, monitor, and optimize campaigns in the ‘renewed environment.’ If you have active campaigns in the current (old) environment during the test phase, these can continue running. Campaigns in the renewed environment are additional. 


We ask you to provide feedback through various questionnaires at different times during the test period. Additionally, we may request a one-on-one digital meeting to offer extra support or seek further clarification on the feedback you provided. 


After 7 weeks, on February 29, we will conclude the test period with a webinar where we share all the findings from this phase. We will also provide feedback on these findings and discuss the next steps together, ensuring you know exactly what we’ve done with your valuable input! 


When does the test begin, and how long does the test period last? 

The test period lasts for 7 weeks, starting on January 9 and ending on February 29, 2024. 


How much time does my participation in the test period require? 

Please anticipate spending approximately 1 hour in the first three weeks of this test phase. After the initial three weeks, the time commitment will decrease. 


What does this test mean for my current campaigns? 

Your current campaigns in the current (old) environment can continue running as usual. 


Why would I want to participate in this test period for the renewed sponsored products environment? 

It’s exciting to share your findings about the new tool with us, allowing us to incorporate them into the new sponsored products environment. All feedback is welcome, and this way, you also have a say in the renewed environment. As a thank-you gesture, you will receive €250 in free credits from us to use for your sponsored products campaigns.