On Time In Full (OTIF) score in a new format!

From now on, even better insight into how you perform in our supply chain!


As of today, the OTIF score as you know it from our portal has been released in an improved version. The OTIF score is now more in line with the agreements and expectations between you (our supplier) and bol.com. This can mean that your score will be different from what you are used to from us.

What has changed?

There are two important changes to the score. The first change is that in exceptional situations we will still approve untimely deliveries if there is a good reason for this. These reasons consist of:

  • We have not achieved the agreed minimum order value (MOV)
  • We have ordered more than the shared stock levels (if accurate)
  • We have refused you at the gate due to inbound scarcity while you came to deliver on the requested delivery date

The second change is that we want to better reflect the agreements between suppliers and bol.com in the OTIF. For this reason, we have decided that only short-term orders will be included in the actual score. It is important to know here:

  • Short-term orders are orders in which the original requested delivery date (RDD) is 6 weeks or less after the placement date.
  • If the Supply Chain Specialist has agreed that this requested date does not have to be met exactly for (some of) the short term orders received, this agreement is leading and the orders are not included in the OTIF percentage.

What does this mean for me?

As usual, all orders must still be delivered on the requested delivery date. In the OTIF report, you will see a distinction between the orders that do and do not count towards the percentage. The orders that currently do not count towards the percentage are marked as “No_Status”. Later this year, the orders that are currently not taken into account will be included in the score again, and the delivery norms for these flows may be adjusted to better reflect the working agreements between the supplier and bol.com.
For example, for some order flows, we will enforce the requested delivery date less strictly, but we will set higher requirements for the feedbacked delivery date.

Unfortunately, for now some of the deliveries received on time may be excluded. However, we are working hard to make sure that all orders are again categorized asap, also the purchaseorders which are now temporarily shown with “No_Status”. When this happens, delivering on the RDD makes for a perfect score, no matter any possible deviating agreement on acceptable delivery window. Once this update is made, it will be communicated through the known channels.