Optimised display onsite positions

As bol.com Retail Media, we are constantly optimising our advertising propositions.


Our display onsite positions have a reach across the entire shop, both web and app. By deploying this, you reach your target audience at every moment of the customer journey.

There is always room for improvement! So we are constantly looking for whitespots in our ad placements and new premium positions. Over the past year, for instance, we have worked on building logic that allows us to also target contextually on bol.com’s search results pages. This is nice, because in addition to the huge traffic on these pages, we can offer you as an advertiser even more relevance with this development.

We are currently experimenting with a new position on the list page where we have added a display banner between the products. With this in-feed banner, you achieve maximum reach in one of bol.com’s busiest places. Available from the end of March!

Interested? Then send an e-mail to adverteren@bol.com.