Pilot Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Participation in the 'Renewed Sponsored Product Environment' Pilot


The following terms and conditions apply to the pilot of the 'Renewed Sponsored Product Environment' (hereinafter: 'Pilot').

Terms of participation in the pilot ‘Renewed Sponsored Product Environment

The following terms apply to participation in the ‘Renewed Sponsored Product Environment’ pilot (hereinafter: ‘Pilot’). 

Pilot content 

  • During the Pilot, we request the Advertiser to test the renewed sponsored product environment and share all learnings and findings related to setting up and monitoring campaigns. The Pilot consists of the following components: 
    1. A kick-off webinar on Tuesday, January 9, providing additional explanations about participating in the Pilot and expectations.  
    2. Creating 1 or more campaigns with at least 1 product between January 9 and January 23. Ongoing campaigns from the current environment can continue, even with the same items being tested in the new environment.  
    3. Monitoring and optimizing the campaign(s) from January 23 to February 28 in the same way the Advertiser does in the current environment.  
    4. Providing feedback on the different steps in the process in the scheduled (digital) sessions and completing 3 or 4 short digital questionnaires.  
    5. If certain functionalities in the pilot are not adequately used, the Advertiser may be asked to test them and provide feedback.  
    6. A closing webinar on Thursday, February 28, where feedback and next steps will be shared.  
  • During the pilot period, there is a total limit of 200 euros for all campaigns combined in the new sponsored products environment.
  • To thank you for participation, the Advertiser will receive a credit of 250 euros after February 28, which can be spent in the current sponsored product environment. This credit will only be given for full participation from January 9 to February 28. 
  • The Advertiser retains the option to continue using the existing sponsored products environment during the Pilot period, as the Advertiser is accustomed to. 

Recognition of the Testing Phase of the New Environment 

  • The Advertiser acknowledges that:  
    1. A preliminary, yet limited version of the new sponsored products environment has been developed, which may not include all the functionalities the Advertiser is accustomed to in the current environment. It is possible that functionalities may unexpectedly not work correctly.  
    2. The existing account budget setting in the current sponsored product environment does not function in the new environment. This means that campaigns in the new environment do not automatically stop when the account limit is reached.  
    3. The Pilot will take place in a controlled A/B test, redirecting a limited portion of visitors on bol.com to the new environment. This is expected to result in a limited number of impressions and clicks, and consequently, limited costs. 
    4. Similar performance to the current sponsored products environment cannot be guaranteed.  
    5. The information obtained using the new environment may not yet be accurate and may not precisely correspond to information from a database or other sources.  
    6. The Advertiser is solely responsible for maintaining and protecting all data and information processed by the new environment and for creating backups. 
    7. During the Pilot, bol.com does not accept PO numbers for invoicing due to technical reasons. 


  1. These terms (hereinafter the ‘Additional Terms’) are supplementary to the ‘Advertising Terms for Advertising via bol.com,’ including its appendices. All provisions of the aforementioned Advertising Terms and related appendices remain in full force. 
  2. All definitions mentioned in these Additional Terms have the same meaning as given in the Advertising Terms. 
  3. Participation in this Pilot is between January 9 and February 28, 2024. The Pilot automatically terminates after February 28. 
  4. The Advertiser’s participation in the Pilot signifies acceptance of these Additional Terms by the Advertiser. 
  5. The Advertiser shall keep confidential all information acquired during participation in this Pilot. This obligation also applies after the Pilot for a period of 2 years, except for information that has already become publicly known (other than through a breach of the aforementioned confidentiality obligation). 
  6. Bol.com may, at any time and without providing a reason, terminate the Pilot or modify its content. 
  7. The Advertiser may decide at any time to no longer participate in the Pilot. 
  8. Upon termination of the Pilot, an Advertiser can no longer claim any benefits associated with participating in the Pilot. 
  9. Despite the utmost care that bol.com devotes to organizing the Pilot, the provided information may be incomplete or incorrect. Errors in the information provided by bol.com, of any kind, cannot be attributed to bol.com and do not create any obligation for bol.com. 
  10. Bol.com is not liable for any damage or costs of any kind arising from or related to (participation in) the Pilot, unless such damage or costs are caused by the willful intent or conscious recklessness of bol.com. 
  11. The feedback from the Advertiser related to the new sponsored products environment becomes the property of bol.com. The Advertiser immediately and irrevocably transfers all rights to this feedback (including any intellectual property rights) to bol.com. Bol.com is free to incorporate the Advertiser’s feedback into the environment without owing any compensation to the Advertiser.