Sponsored products on higher positions


From Monday, July 4th, sponsored articles on list pages will have a higher position.

Previously, it was only possible to be in the third and fourth place with a ‘sponsored’ article. From now on it will be possible for the first and second place. The conditions remain the same, you must meet the quality requirements to get the ‘buy block’.

What happens exactly?
On all list pages on bol.com where sponsored articles are currently shown, we will increase the positions to 1 and 2.

What is the impact for you?
What is changing is that we are changing the order of sponsored and non-sponsored search results. If you are currently non-sponsored at position 1 for a particular search, you will now move to position 3. This is the highest non-sponsored position. By using sponsored products, it is possible to be shown in the top positions again. Because your product is already seen as relevant, you can win the sponsored products auction with a lower bid compared to your competitors.

If you currently have a fairly high organic search result, but are not in the top positions (e.g. position 5), it is now possible to use sponsored products to get the top positions and get a better position compared to your competitors.

Why are we doing this?
We want to give our advertisers better positions on our platform, which will give them higher visibility and better returns.

Want to know more about these changes? Check out our FAQ here. Is your question not listed here? Then please contact Supplier Service.