These are the conditions for CE markings


Update 5 July

As previously indicated, as of July 1 we have started to take down assortments that do not meet the requirements for the CE marking. Given the large number of articles, we will be taking these articles offline in phases. We will do this per product category. It is therefore possible that (some of) your articles are still online. Quickly add the required product information to these articles so that your article remains online. Is your article already offline? Then fill in the required product information as soon as possible so that your article comes back online. Please note: if your item has already been taken offline, you can only add the missing product information in bulk.

For new products, a mandatory photo upload will continue to apply from 25 April 2022. Without this upload, the article cannot be put online.

Update 30 May

From the 1st of July it is obligatory to complete product information with ‘CE Marking’ and ‘Trade name and contact address of manufacturer or importer in EU’. Here you can find the complete list of articles for which these parts are still missing. This list will be updated weekly. It is important that the articles below have the required product information before 1 July, otherwise they will be taken offline after this date.

This is what is expected of you before July 1:

  1. Download the Excel list below and see if any of your items are included or look up your item(s) in the table below.
  2. Fill in the missing attributes in the product information of the relevant article.

Update April 12

In order to guarantee the quality and safety of our joint range, it is important that the range meets the applicable laws and regulations in the Netherlands and Belgium. One of these conditions is the CE mark.

For existing assortment, we ask you to fill in the product information (the text attribute) ‘CE marking’ before 1 July 2022.

For new products (uploaded after March 1, 2022), we ask to add a picture of the CE marking. This information must be online by April 25, 2022. For both existing and new products, we also ask that you include the text attribute ‘The trade name and contact address of the manufacturer or importer in the EU’. It is your own responsibility to determine whether the items you sell require CE marking.

Complete the product information as soon as possible. After the April 25 and July 1 deadline we will check whether the mandatory product information has been completed. If this is not the case or in case of incorrect/incomplete product information the article will be put offline.

CE marking is a symbol placed on an article by which the manufacturer declares on his own responsibility that his article complies with all essential requirements of the applicable EU directive(s). Product groups for which CE marking is required include personal protective equipment, medical devices, electrical and electronic equipment and toys. An overview of product groups covered by CE marking can be found on this website of the European Commission.

Do you sell products that fall under the CE marking? Then check whether you meet all the conditions, such as having an EC declaration of conformity.

Here are the conditions