Updated terms of delivery


From 1 July 2023, a number of supply conditions have been adjusted

The bol.com logistics delivery conditions are updated every year to improve logistics processing. As of 1 July 2023, these conditions have been updated. You can read the most important changes here:

  1. The delivery conditions that apply specifically to clampable items will, as of the updated version, only be valid for the new BFC XL 2 premises in Oosterhout (article 5.3).
  2. Clarification that loose parcels must be delivered in a cardboard box (article 5.1).
  3. Clarification of the conditions for delivering televisions; televisions from 55 inches may be stacked on one pallet up to a maximum of 2.10 m (including pallet) and may only be delivered as Mono pallets. For televisions, the maximum permitted size of a deviating pallet is 2100×1200 mm. The width of the pallet should be at least 750 mm (article 5.2.2).
  4. Addition of the conditions that if an Article has a “this side up” marking, the Article must be transported and stored as such before it arrives at the bol.com fulfilment centre (article 3.2).

These are the biggest changes, however, the delivery conditions have been adjusted in more points. This Excel file provides an overview of all changes relevant to suppliers.

The updated conditions can be found in on the supplier website, the Supply Chain Portal and the Suppliers Portal as of 3 July 2023.