Updates in the Supply Chain portal

On Friday the 8th of September two changes to the Supply Chain portal (SCP) will go live.


It will become possible to delete packlists. Due to this change, it will no longer be possible to submit invoices before the shipment delivery takes place through the SCP. These changes may affect your processes in pre-announcement and invoicing, we ask you to review your processes in preparation for the upcoming change.

Deleting packlists

Created packlists can be deleted in the SCP. Packlists created via EDI can also be deleted in the SCP, these packlists can not be deleted through EDI.

A packlist can only be  deleted when it:

  • Has NewShip status – the packlist has not yet arrived at the warehouse
  • Before 5 pm on the delivery date of the packlist

With this possibility we want to promote that the contents of the packlist correspond to the previous reported packlist.
After deleting the packlist, the pre-announced orders and items from the packlist are reset as open orders.

The order must be reconfirmed before a new pre-announcement can be made. Should an adjustment in delivery dates be required this can be indicated in the order response.

On the Suppliers website there is a manual on how to remove a pre-announcement: https://leveranciers.bol.com/en/need-help/orders/deleting-a-pre-announcement/


Invoice creation

Creating an invoice through the SCP will only be possible after a shipment has arrived in the warehouse or after 17.00 on the indicated delivery day. This change has no impact on EDI suppliers.

With this we want to prevent invoices being created on a shipment that may still be removed.