Inhouse Share (Market Share)


In this report you can see the market share of your brand within This report is only suitable for registered brand owners (or parties who have the exclusive rights to offer this brand in the Netherlands & Belgium).

Advantages of the Inhouse share report

  1. The market share shows how big (in euro’s) you currently are compared to the product group.
  2. The market share can be compared to the market share of a year earlier, allowing you to see if your brand has grown or shrunk within the product group.
  3. This report is a measurement method to see if the actions taken recently have contributed to a higher market share on

Market share calculation

The market share of your brand is calculated in euros, not in the number of units you have sold. These euros are set against the entire product group(s) your brand is active in. In addition, we also plot your brand against the higher product group (brick) and the entire category.

The market share of your brand is divided into the sales done by the Retailer (you as Supplier), the Network (other sales partners) and a total of the Platform sales ( Retailer + Network). This allows you as Supplier to see exactly how much sales are still being done through the Network.


Each month you get to see for your entire brand what your market share is in the product group(s) at the chunk level. This is also the lowest level at which we may share this. We share this quarterly by higher product group (brick) and once a year by category. We compare each period to a year earlier so you can compare if you have improved.