Choose the right keywords

Keyword targeting is a method of advertising on search engines. In this case, on the search engine. By determining which searches or keywords are most relevant to your offer, you can then bid to place your articles at the top of the search results.

How do you link the right keywords to your articles?

To select keywords, you can use the automatically generated keywords in the sponsored products system. The keywords are then generated based on the product category of the product. You can also choose to add these keywords manually.

The best way to generate good keywords is to use automatic keywords. In doing so, the system will look at which keywords are best suited to your product.

  • Relevance is the most important aspect when selecting keywords manually. If a keyword is not relevant to the product, then the sponsored products will not be delivered.
  • Example: You added the keyword ‘Dog’ for a garden hose. This keyword will not yield anything because the keyword is not relevant. After all, customers searching for the keyword ‘Dog’ are not looking for a garden hose.
Exact or word group
  • There is a difference between an exact and a broad keyword.
  • Example: If the exact keyword is bike, it can only be delivered if the customer searches for ‘bike’ exactly. The keyword bike as a broad keyword can also be delivered if the customer searches ‘blue bike’ or ‘children's bike’ for example
Exclusion keywords 
  • You can also select exclusion keywords in your sponsored products account. This means that your advertisement will not be displayed when these keywords are used to search. By selecting exclusionary keywords, you advertise in a more targeted way because you determine when your advertisement is shown or not shown.
  • Example: You are selling luxury scratching posts for 250 euros. The exclusion keyword you use is ‘cheap scratching posts’. After all, you do not want customers who are looking for cheap scratching posts to see your advertisement because they probably have no interest in luxury scratching posts.
Longtail keywords
  • You can also use longtail keywords. These are longer search terms that are more specific. They usually consist of three or more words together.
  • Example: You sell makeup bags. A good longtail keyword in this case could be ‘pink makeup bag with mirror’. This allows you to display your sponsored products for more relevant and specific searches, often resulting in higher conversions.