Advertising API

The Advertising API is now available for everyone! From now on it will be easier to set up and optimize campaigns more efficiently via Curious about this new Advertising API? Then keep on reading!

What exactly are we introducing?

We are introducing a new API. API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API allows two different tools to communicate with each other. Basically, this means that an API receives requests and then answers them. In this case, we are talking about requests related to Advertising via, and specifically Sponsored Products.

Who and why is this interesting?

The new Advertising API is interesting for all advertisers of It will reduce manual actions in your sponsored products management and reporting. Moreover, it becomes easier to set up extensive campaign structures for sponsored products. In many cases this leads to better results of your ads.

The new Advertising API gives you the ability to automatically make rules-based changes to your campaigns regarding products, bids and statuses. You will have one overview of all your marketing campaigns, including those outside of All this will leave you with more time to focus on what you love to do: business!


Advertising API roundtable

During the Advertising API roundtable, we launched the new Advertising API! During this event on March 31st, we told advertisers more about what you can do with this development. At the table were: Justin Sandee (Head of Retail Media at, Bert van Dijk (Product Manager Advertiser Journey at, Jelmer Helderman (Product Manager E-Commerce at Reprise) and Bill Carter (Sales Director at Pacvue). Did you miss it? Watch the roundtable back below or watch the aftermovie here!