Software to manage your ads

Get more out of your marketing efforts on with the help of specialized advertising software.

Get more out of your marketing activities on with the help of specialized software. Would you like to set up sponsored products campaigns more easily and efficiently? Or do you want to keep track of how much you spend on different marketing channels? Ad management software can help. The parties below offer specialized tools to get the most out of advertising via

Our Gold partners support you in both creating and reporting on your sponsored product campaigns. Good to know: does not earn anything from the services of these parties. We only offer the possibilities, you decide which party to choose. If you are more successful, so are we. This is how we make the platform better together. Every single day. Together we continue to grow.

1. Pacvue

Pacvue is the professional software package for platform advertisers, sales and insights. Grow your business on with automated tools and recommended promotions.

Pacvue services on sponsored products

  • Campaign automation
  • Keyword analysis
  • AI and rule-based optimizations

Customizable reporting

The advantages of Pacvue

  • Always 1 of the first with the latest connections to
  • Flexible and robust reports that help you work your way
  • Overview of all your ads across multiple platforms, allowing you to make integrated decisions.


  • Criteo
  • CitrusAd
  • PromoteIQ


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Pacvue’s costs are on a custom basis, please contact them for more information.



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98009-2004 Bellevue, WA

2. e-tailize | Advertize

E-tailize’s platform enables the creation, analysis and management of campaigns for, among others.

What is e-tailize?

The platform of e-tailize makes it possible to create, analyze and manage campaigns for, among others. In addition, e-tailize is also Silver Integration Partner with and it is possible to centralize your product management, inventory management and order fulfillment for more than 100 integrations. A PIM system is included with e-tailize. In addition, you can use the data analysis module to gain insights and sell more.

The Advertize module

The Advertize module grew out of our ambition to help SMBs achieve better results on marketplaces through various intelligent solutions. Read below what is possible with our Advertize module. The Advertize module can be purchased separately, but in addition to this module, we also offer the integration and analytics module.

  • build ads | create ads for multiple platforms from one location with a consistent user-friendly process.
  • manage campaigns | view insights about your ad campaigns and manage them easily from the campaign management screen.
  • reporting | gain key insights about marketing metrics to make informed decisions.

The three modules:

  • Advertize | Centralizing ad creation and campaign management to save time.
  • Channelize | Centralizing product, inventory and order management for more than 100 integrations to save time and eliminate errors.
  • Analyze | Centralizing data analysis for marketplaces. This is how you get more revenue from your channels.

The benefits of e-tailize:

  • Build ads for marketplaces easily and quickly.
  • Manage your marketing campaigns clearly
  • Get insights about your ads in the reporting screen
  • Automate order and inventory management
  • Set up within 15 minutes
  • PIM system included
  • 100+ integrations
  • Best-in-class support

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3. FiveX

FiveX is the platform where you regain the overview of your business. Link your various sales channels to the system. Then you always get a clear insight into the sales performance and see how much is left at the bottom of the line at product level. Compare the ad performance of different periods and avoid poorly performing campaigns. See what effect the ads have on the organic ranking per keyword. This way you can be sure that the right keywords are being advertised.

Key benefits

  • Make data-driven business decisions without technical challenges with the easy-to-use no-code FiveX platform.
  • Drive profit and ranking positions for all your different sales channels.
  • Get product-level ad KPIs broken down and easily compare different time periods.
  • See the impact of ads on your organic ranking.
  • Personalized customer service. We understand your business and are ready to help your business grow.
  • The security of your data is our top priority.

Services from FiveX

  • Drive the business on profit and ranking positions for all your different sales channels with the FiveX
  • Management Dashboard.View and control advertising costs at the product level.
  • Use FiveX as a data hub and easily transfer all business data to other systems such as BigQuery or use our own API.
  • Set up automatic emails and billing to prevent customer inquiries and receive more product reviews.
  • Manage your entire inventory and receive alerts on when to best purchase goods or replenish the warehouse.
  • Get detailed insights into the market. Easily make market analyses and find new products for the assortment the market is really waiting for.
  • Run reports on products, returns and sales results. Smart groupings make it easy to analyze different brands or product categories.

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You can try all tools free of charge for 10 days. The rates of the package depend on two factors. The costs are determined by the different sales accounts and the number of orders. Start using FiveX from €20,- per month. There are no setup fees or commissions.

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4. Adchieve

Adchieve is een award-winning software-oplossing. Adchieve maakt adverteren op grote schaal gemakkelijk door de inzet van slimme mensen, data-science en automatisering.

Adchieve combines reporting and advertising in 1 environment. They also offer consultant support whenever you need it. Adchieve is ideally suited for sellers of private label/own brand(s) with more than 100 orders per day. The width of the assortment and the number of ads do not matter.

Services of Adchieve with sponsored products

  • Compare the performance of all your advertising channels
  • Calculate the margin you earn
  • Get insight into which items are selling well
  • Get insight into cross- and upsell of articles
  • View Keyword Insights such as market share, trending titles and popular products
  • Follow the price of your competitors

The benefits of Adchieve

Adchieve’s data-driven insights were developed for and by industry leaders. After years of large-scale data analysis, testing and research, Adchieve knows exactly which valuable insights SEA and PPC specialists of large retailers and e-commerce parties need. Examples include Keyword Insights, cross- and upsell insights, Price Insights and POAS insights. Because the data-driven insights are made actionable, the PPC specialist can better direct the input he/she sends towards various advertising channels from Adchieve’s software. This means you are in charge and at the wheel!


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Adchieve’s costs are based on customization, feel free to contact them for more information.


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