New warehouse BFCXL2

From the 19th of June we will open a new warehouse for 3XL assortment.


In order to receive EDI messages correctly, it is important that the correct GLN address is added to your system. For the correct address and GLN numbers please check the warehouse delivery address page.

Delivery address purchase order
In this warehouse, assortment will be deposited from all categories that we carry for 3XL assortment. This may also include your own assortment. Please note that the delivery address on the purchase order is always leading.

Transition period
The warehouse will be opened from 19the of June onwards. A Requested Delivery Date is always shared on the PO, as always this is leading.

Who does this apply to?
If you currently deliver products to BFC XL, then this may affect your orders. To check if this applies to you, please check the requirements down below. Keep a close eye on the delivery address for your orders. If you do not currently deliver goods to BFC XL, or have XL products that do not fall under MDA products & non-clampable products then this news item can be taken as notice.

MDA products & non-clampable products
MDA products are Major Household Appliances and Non-clampable products are products that may not be clamped with a clamp truck, such as TVs. Non-clampable products must be delivered on a pallet, otherwise the warehouse cannot accept the shipment. Non-clampable products should have a non-clampable symbol on the packaging.

Minimum dimensions for BFC 3XL
The minimum dimensions for 3XL are 175 x 78 x 58 cm or items above 31.5kg.

Please note! The current delivery conditions also apply to BFCXL2.