Checklist to get off to a good start

Want to get started? Super! We have put together two more checklists for you and compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

Checklist campaign settings

Do you want to launch your first campaign and are looking for information on the right settings? Below is a checklist for the most important campaign settings:

1. Starting with automated campaigns

No partner has a product catalogue made up entirely of winners or losers. Therefore, conducting automatic campaigns and collecting data is a crucial first step in your advertising strategy for sponsored articles.

2. Selecting keywords and exclusion words

Selecting keywords for your articles is an essential part of your advertising strategy. Bidding on the right keywords for your articles can improve your sales and organic placement. This will ultimately affect your sales. How to apply your keywords.

3. Campaign daily/total budget

  • Have you set a campaign budget and has it been reached?
  • Have you set a daily pacing and has it been achieved?

4. Have you set a start and end date?

We recommend using an end date only in specific cases, such as a promotional campaign.

5. What articles have you selected? 

To set up a campaign, it is essential that the articles you select meet the requirements. Here you can find what the requirements are.

6. Are your bids high enough?

Do you think the number of views is too low? Increase your bid incrementally until you see more activity.

Checklist product settings

There are several reasons why an item (SKU) is not available within your account. Below are the most common reasons:

1. The item/ is not in the buy block

When an item is not in the purchase block, it is not possible to advertise with sponsored products. These articles are therefore not (always) available in the sponsored products account. As soon as you do appear in the sales block, for example because you have adjusted your delivery time or price, the article is also available in sponsored products.

2. New item

When the item is new, it can take up to 48 hours before it is available in your Sponsored Products account. Can’t find the item after 48 hours? Please contact the Supplier service.

3. Items are not yet available/online

Items only appear in the account when they can be purchased online from

4. Required product information is missing

  • A brand is missing from the item
  • Proper categorisation (breadcrumb trail) is missing
  • A publisher is missing (this is only possible for books): if all product information is not valid, you need to complete the missing product information in order to advertise with the article. Do you have any questions about this? Please contact the Supplier service.