How to optimise a campaign

After you have set up a campaign, you also want to improve it. There are several ways you can improve your campaigns.

1. Structure your campaigns consistently

There are several ways you can structure your campaigns. The following three methods are most commonly used:

  • Structure by product category. You do this by placing articles that fall in the same category into the same campaign.
  • Structuring by brand. You do this by placing articles that are the same brand into the same campaign.
  • Structure based on frontrunners or top sellers. You do this by putting your best-selling articles in the same campaign.
  • Structure by advertisement groups.

2. Calculate your ideal ACoS

The ACoS (also called ‘advertising cost of sales’ – or the advertising cost per sale) is the percentage of allocated sales spent on advertising. This is calculated by dividing total advertisement spending by attributed sales. You can find more information on calculating your ideal ACoS here.