Choosing a Keyword Strategy

Below, you will find more information about the functioning of keywords and the keyword strategies you can employ for your campaign with sponsored products. Are you unsure whether to choose an automatic keyword strategy or a manual keyword strategy? Read on for more information!

The functioning of keywords

Keywords serve as the connection between your sponsored items and the customers you want to reach. A bol customer can search on bol in various ways, such as using the search bar or browsing through categories to find desired items. By setting relevant keywords in your campaign, Sponsored Products associates your items with the customer’s search terms. This ensures that the right customers see your sponsored items.

Automatic Keyword Strategy

You can let the selection of keywords be done automatically. Bol will then find relevant keywords based on your item information. If you are new to advertising or your items are new, the automatic keyword strategy is a convenient solution. The automatic keyword strategy is also useful if you have more experience with advertising, as it makes your items visible for all keywords that bol associates with them. You can then pause keywords that you find less relevant or too broad. We recommend starting with campaigns using an automatic keyword strategy. This way, you quickly discover your key keywords (where is the most volume, and where do my conversions come from).

Manual Keyword Strategy

Alternatively, you can manually set keywords in your campaign. You determine the keywords yourself and also use the ‘auto-complete’ feature in the search bar on In this search bar, you type the beginning of a word, and you will see a list of suggestions. These are all related terms that customers search for.

Keep in mind that when you set keywords manually, you may miss out on traffic coming in through other relevant keywords.

Make it easy for yourself

As mentioned, start with a campaign using an automatic keyword strategy because this tool works well! Let the campaign run for a while so that the algorithm can do its job. See what happens and how your campaign evolves. With the insights you gain, you can then optimize the keywords.