Organic search results

Did you know that by reviewing organic search results, you can effectively monitor whether your advertisements align with the search keyword?

The first organic positions reflect what the bol visitor wants to see. These positions are obtained by sellers because bol customers have indicated that this product best matches the used search keyword.

When you use a product within Sponsored Products, you can research keywords by checking if they align with customer needs. This not only ensures visibility on relevant keywords but also helps lower the average CPC since you won’t be bidding on irrelevant search traffic.

Example: Suppose you sell a robot vacuum for €100. If you search for ‘robot vacuum’ in the search bar, you see that most robot vacuums cost between €100-€300. This means that your €100 vacuum fits well among these search results, allowing you to advertise effectively on the keyword ‘robot vacuum.’

However, if you sell a €500 robot vacuum, you might end up paying a higher price for the keyword ‘robot vacuum’ because products in the first organic positions are in the €100-€300 range. It also implies that bol customers are often not looking for a €500 robot vacuum. In this case, purchasing the keyword ‘robot vacuum’ may not be a good idea for the advertiser.

Nevertheless, you could choose to accept the expensive clicks in the hope that some customers will still purchase the product. Alternatively, you could check which keywords align with your product and customer needs.