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The benefits

of display advertising

Large and frequent reach

You achieve maximum measurable reach to a wide potential buyer audience with display campaigns.

Reach potential buyers with the highest willingness to buy

Influence search, click and purchase behaviour of our customers.

Reach your target audience beyond bol.com

Increase the effective reach of your articles within your target audience on bol.com and on other websites.

100% visibility

Unlike other media platforms, at bol.com you only pay for 100% visible impressions.

Make the most of bol.com customer data

Make each campaign fit your target audience to achieve your objective.

Real-time insight into your campaigns

See the success of both your on- and offsite campaigns through a real-time dashboard.

Real-time dashboard

Insights that will help you further

When you deploy display advertising through bol.com, real-time dashboards are present in the portal and available directly in your account. This allows you to track the success of your on- and offsite display campaigns and discover possible optimisations.

Getting started

with display advertising

Are you interested in display advertising? Then send an email to adverteren@bol.com.

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Want to know more?

about display advertising

On our help page, we explain everything about how display works on- and offsite, what results you can expect, what strategies you can apply and the real-time dashboard.