The use of items within sponsored products

Before you dive into sponsored products, you want to know which items you're going to use. Are these your bestsellers, or have you recently launched a new item that you'd like to promote to boost sales? Both are possible and highly recommended!

Boosting bestsellers even more

Even though your bestsellers are already performing well and have a high organic ranking, it doesn’t mean these items aren’t worth promoting through sponsored products. The fact that these items already sell well indicates a high likelihood of success through sponsored products as well. Once your product organically appears on the first page, you can no longer advertise it on that page. However, you can still make it visible on subsequent pages. This is what makes it intriguing! Visitors have already seen your product on an earlier page and encounter it again. The power of repetition is strong! Consider it a kind of mini-retargeting.

In addition to being visible on the search results page, your product can also be displayed on the product page. Imagine this: the visitor initially clicks on an item from another seller that is similar to yours. By using Sponsored Products, you can ensure that your item is displayed on the same page in ad form. Another small advantage of placing these ads is that they appear next to reviews. If the visitor isn’t entirely satisfied with the item they are viewing, you can be visible on the side with your bestseller. How convenient is that!

Giving new items a quick boost

When you launch new items on bol, you naturally want to see quick sales success. However, it may take some time for your item to secure a good organic position to generate these sales. Sponsored products can effectively support this process. By promoting your new items through sponsored products and bringing them to the attention of visitors, you can generate more clicks and sales for your new item. These additional clicks and sales contribute to improving the organic position of your new item, helping it climb higher in the organic ranking more quickly. Keep in mind that ascending in the organic ranking doesn’t happen within a few days. It may take some time before you achieve the desired organic position.


What other items can I promote using sponsored products

In addition to popular and new items, you can use sponsored products for a variety of other product types. Consider items for which you want to attract more customer visits, products where you aim to defend your position, or items from brands where you particularly want to increase brand awareness. Sponsored products can be a valuable addition to a significant portion of your assortment as part of your bol sales strategy!