Create product family per item

Do you want to place individual items in a product family? Then follow the steps below.

1. Find the item variants in your offer that you want to put in a family

Articles within a product family must satisfy three conditions:

  • The articles are in the same product group.
  • The articles are from the same brand, or the same author or artist.
  • The articles have a distinguishing feature.

2. Select the article variants

Select the items you want to put in the family. You can paste all EANs directly into the search bar. Then click on ‘Edit product information’ and ‘Link variants’.

3. Selected items are checked against the three conditions for a product family

The selection of articles may be rejected because no distinctive feature has been set for the articles; the feature on which the article variants differ, such as colour or size. You will receive a message to this effect. In this case adjust the selection as indicated.

What can happen:

  • The articles do belong in a product family, but one or more of them are incorrectly placed in a different product group. Adjust the product group under ‘Edit product information’ in the sales account.
  • The items seem to have the same brand, author or artist and are still rejected with the message that brand, author or artist is not the same. In that case, contact Partner Service; they can solve this for you.

4. Check if all distinguishing features are filled

An article that lacks a distinguishing feature will not be shown in the variant on the product detail page. Therefore, check whether all distinguishing features have been filled in and fill them in where necessary.

5. Check that the attribute on which you want the product family to be grouped is written correctly and identically everywhere

It is important that all attributes are written the same. Open text fields are case sensitive. A football boot ‘blue’ and a football shoe ‘blue’ are not shown in a family.

6. Check that there are no 'duplicate' items in your product family

Of two or more items with exactly the same colour and size, one is shown on the product detail page. So if there is one light grey and one dark grey, adjust it so that they are both shown correctly as different variants of an item.

7. Link the variants in a product family

It may take a while before the product family is visible on the product detail page. Visibility in list pages and search results takes a little longer. Altogether, it can take up to 24 hours before the changes are visible.