Improving product information with A/B testing

We work on our website every day to improve the customer experience and increase sales opportunities. In order to discover how things can be done even better, tests are carried out on a regular basis. This is done by A/B testing. Below, you can read more about this and what tests are currently being done.

Conversion is often the focus of testing. Conversion is the percentage of customers who view an article and then order it. The higher this percentage, the better the sales! By means of A/B testing, we examine how we can increase the conversion rate.


What is an A/B test?

With an A/B test, an expectation is tested using 2 different versions. One half of the customers are shown version A, the other half are shown version B. The customer behaviour in both versions are compared to see which version provides the highest conversion. At the end of the A/B test, it is determined which version gave the best results and therefore whether the expectation was correct.

What A/B tests are there now?

What does this mean for you?

A test lasts a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 weeks – depending on the number of visitors to the articles being tested. During this period, you can enter new product information (e.g. the title or the description) in your supplier account, but the changes will not be immediately visible at

After the test, the original product information will return to the website, including any changes you made during the test. These changes will be saved and automatically applied. You do not have to do anything else.

Does the result of an A/B test indeed have a positive effect on conversion? Then we will implement these changes!