Reports help you improve in a variety of ways. How do you make use of this?

The sponsored products system provides several reports that are directly available in your account. You can use this to track the success of your sponsored products and improve your campaigns. Give your campaigns some time before jumping to conclusions about performance and success.
As a general rule, assume 50 to 100 clicks per article. You then have enough data to assess the success of your article/campaign. To print a report, login to your sponsored products account. Select reports on the ‘Reports’ side. Select which report to print.

What report do I need?
Depending on your goal, choose the report you need. Select the time range for the printed report, such as the last 30 days or a specific period. You can choose from the following reports:

Various reports:
  • Results per product: choose this report if you want to gain insight into the effects of your campaigns per article. For example, you can see which articles generate the most conversions.
  • Results by Category: choose this report if you want to gain insight into the performance of your campaigns by category. This report is therefore only relevant if you advertise in multiple categories as it provides insight into which category you are performing best in
  • Results by brand: if you are an advertiser promoting specific brands, this report gives you insight into which brand is performing best.
  • Results per day: this report allows you to view the results per day for the set period.
  • Results per campaign: this report gives you an overview of all campaigns and the results per campaign.
  • Results per search term: this report gives you an overview of all search terms and the results per search term.

What should I look for when reviewing a report? 
The reports are delivered in a CSV file. To get all the data into the right columns you first need to use the ‘integrate text to columns’ function in Excel. Then you can print out a pivot table to compare different elements for example.

Optimising through reporting

Reports help you improve in several ways:

  • Compare periods with each other. Use reports to compare months, days or different years. This is how you know if you are performing better now than another period. Review how performance differs and what changes you have made from the previous period.
  • You can improve by comparing different campaigns. For example, did you create automatic or manual campaigns for the same articles? And is it clear that you achieve more sales with an automated campaign? Then it is recommended that you set up automatic campaigns for these articles only.
  • You can also compare categories with each other. It is clear that in the long term a certain category achieves progressively worse ACoS? Then first try to improve this category, for example by adding more articles or keywords. Is the ACoS persistently poor in the long term? Perhaps this category is not suitable for sponsored products.

When improving, always try to compare and identify which changes have had a positive or negative effect on the results.