Sustainability labels

Together with you, we want to offer customers a wide variety of choices – including sustainable assortment. And to really help customers make a more sustainable choice, sustainability labels are also displayed at These labels provide more information at a glance, for example about the origin, production and environmental impact of an item.

What is sustainable assortment

A more sustainable assortment within the bol catalog includes items that meet at least one of these three criteria:

  • The item has an approved eco-label.
  • The item consists of a minimum of 50% sustainable materials.
  • The article is in a product category that has been approved as a more sustainable alternative.

On the page of each theme, you can find information about which quality marks, materials, or product categories within the theme can receive a label.

Why sustainable assortment?


Sustainability plays a role in the purchasing decision for the majority of our customers.


Sustainable assortment is easily accessible through a filter.


A sustainable assortment is crucial for retaining the customer of the future.


There are no additional costs.

At the moment, bol uses sustainability labels in the following themes:

  • More Sustainable Ingredients
  • Energy-saving
  • Material Recycling
  • Human & Society
  • Responsible Materials
  • Free from Harmful Substances

We regularly update sustainability themes and, where necessary, add new ones. We will keep you informed of any changes.

Identifying Sustainable Items

You can recognize sustainable items at bol by the sustainability label on the product, which you can find both on the product page itself and in the search results. Here is an example of the organic label:

Sustainable and responsible items are accessible through:

When your product carries a sustainability label, it makes the assortment easier to find and recognize – increasing the likelihood of sales!