Keywords Analysis


Insight into the most frequently used keywords.

This report is an in-depth look at search trends on that allows you to see which keywords actually lead to your products and whether they have been purchased.

Benefits of this report:

  1. To generate more traffic to your articles.
  2. To use Sponsored Products in your articles in a more targeted way.
  3. To get more insight into the journey of your Customers.

To find keywords per article.

This report will inform you on a weekly basis which are the top 5 keywords used to find your article, as determined in the Commercial Insights Report. You will also receive the search volume of these keywords to see how many visitors search for them.

Please note that we will only give a top 5 if sufficient data is available. Theoretically, it could also be that we only offer a top 3. This will vary from week to week. You will be able to see how many visitors actually clicked through to your articles (CTR) and how many orders were placed based on these keywords, along with the conversion rate.

Let us explain this more clearly using an example.

Suppose 1,000 Customers search for the word ‘Toy box’, and this generates a lot of traffic to your article, then it will be added to the top 5 keywords for that article. You can also see how many Customers actually clicked through to your article, for instance 200. Then you can see how many times an order was placed, for instance 10 times, and what the conversion rate is (200/100*10 = 20%).

Top 20 keywords by product group

In addition, you will also see which keywords are popular for a product group (chunk). You will receive the top 20 most used keywords in that week that apply to this product group. You also get the volume of these keywords. These can then be added to the content of an article, for example to make it easier to find.