Sales Forecast


Insight into expected sales numbers of the entire platform

What can I do with it?

The sales forecast report provides you with insight into the expected sales numbers of the entire platform, without taking into account the current stock position or orders.

What insights can the report give me?

In the Supplier Portal, a new sales forecast report at product level is presented every Monday for the next 12 weeks. A week runs from Monday to Sunday (business week). This date is always fixed for these days in the week and is therefore not dependent on the day on which you open the report. The report is run every Sunday to Monday night. You can retrieve the sales forecast per week, view it and/or export it to Excel.

Reports can be found in the Supplier Portal.

Relevant product range

The report shows the products of the relevant product range of the Supplier at A product is included in the report if:

  • The product was purchased by from your organisation a maximum of 180 days ago and a minimum of 30 days ago and was delivered to a warehouse.
  • The product is currently in the offer feed.
  • The product is not a digital product or a release with release date after today.


Various conditions apply to this sales forecast reporting:

  • This sales forecast is based on various factors, such as (i) historical sales numbers (how often a certain item is sold in a certain period); (ii) historical product offers (how long the product has been offered and under what conditions in terms of price, delivery time and performance score); (ii) product categorisations (what type of item is it); (iv) calendar information (for example the day of the week and public holidays); (v) external factors (such as weather conditions).
  • The estimated sales are the total for the entire platform. This includes sales of third parties. The sales relationship between and third parties varies from time to time.
  • The sales forecast does not take into account the stock positions or open purchase orders.
  • com buys products from several Suppliers. This means that the number of products that buys from individual Suppliers does not only depend on the number of sales, but also on other things such as purchase price and delivery time.
  • Although this sales forecast has been prepared with care, no rights can be derived from it. The Supplier must always carry out its own research to determine its purchasing or production strategy. is in no way liable for damage and/or costs, of whatever nature, incurred by the Supplier in connection with the sales forecast provided by