Login to the Supplier Portal

The supplier portal enables you to add product information to your products, upload the offer feed, download insights, view manuals and keep organizational records.

Supplier Portal

Each user of the portal is given its own login account to the Supplier Portal. Initially, you will receive an activation e-mail from the Supplier Service with the login details for your portal account.

Functions within the supplier portal

In the supplier portal you can work with different topics. These consist of:

  • Advertising
    You can use this function to manage sponsored products and display advertising. More information on how this works and what you can do with it can be found here for sponsored products and here for display advertising.
  • Managing articles
    With this feature, you can add content to the articles. This can be done per article or for multiple articles at once. You can read more about how to manage the content here
  • Viewing reports
    There are various reports available within the portal that will give you insight into your results within bol.com. You can ask your buyer for more information about the reports
  • Manage the offerfeed
    You can upload the offerfeed under the heading ‘Artikelen beheren’. You can find more information about the offer feed here
  • Account & Organization administration
    Under this heading within the supplier portal you will find information about which employees have an account for the supplier portal and which functions they have within this portal
  • Manuals
    Under manuals, you can find all relevant manuals about the different bol.com environments.