Add product information per article

On this page you can read more about how product information is structured and how to add this information per article.

How is product information structured?

Good product information is important for successfully selling your product range via In fact, this information helps the Customer to form a clear picture of a potential purchase. The more information that is known about an article, the more likely the Customer is to make a purchase. Also, your article will be more findable if it has complete product information – both within and via external search engines such as Google. However, not all information is equally essential and it is therefore useful to know what levels there are:

  • Basic information: basic information necessary for a Customer to see what kind of article it is.
  • Preparation for sale: minimum information required to put your article online.
  • More findable: information that helps Customers find the article better. For example, this information is used in the filters on list pages.
  • Higher conversion: additional information that helps Customers to get an even better idea of the product.

How do you add information per article?
You can add product information per article via the product information page in your supplier account. Please follow the steps below:

1. In your supplier account, click on ‘Articles' at the top and then choose 'My offers'

Is the article you want to edit not listed here? Then first add it to your offer via ‘Add offer per item’, under the menu button ‘Articles’.

2. Find the article you want to edit

Find the article whose product information you want to edit. This can also be done by typing the EAN, ISBN or title into the search bar.

3. Click on the arrow next to ‘View your article’

Click on the arrow next to ‘View article’ on the right-hand side of the article you wish to edit and then click on ‘Edit product information’.

4. You can now see the basic information about your article

You are now on the product information page. Here you will find the most important features of the article at the top, such as the title, EAN, product group and quality of your product information. If you click on the arrow at the top right corner, you will immediately see how the article appears on the website.

5. Add product information

Under the heading ‘Product Information’ you can edit all product information per level. All product information is grouped by relevance to this product. For each level, it indicates how many fields can be filled and how many fields are already filled. Click on one of the levels to open or close this block of product information. Opening and closing the necessary  levels keeps the page organised. When you change something, the ‘Save’ button appears at the bottom of the page.

There are 3 levels of product information:

  1. Basic information: Basic information includes the EAN number, product group and title.
  2. Mandatory: Here we ask you to fill in all attributes. This is mandatory information because customers need it to make a purchase. Once you have all the basic and mandatory information, your item will go online.
  3. Optional: When you fill in the optional product information as well, the customer has all the information that may be necessary to make a choice to purchase the item.

6. And then... Please wait!

Additions or changes will be processed within 8 hours and will then be visible via It is also possible that your changes are not visible on after 8 hours. This could be due to priority being given to existing or other new product information from other Suppliers or brands. You can always get feedback about your changes under the ‘Feedback’ heading in your supplier account.