Notice and Take Down procedure

The Notice and Take Down (NTD) form gives you the opportunity to report an intellectual property infringement. In this report, you specifically state which offers on the platform appear to be manifestly unlawful or punishable.

What happens to your NTD report?

An assessment is made of whether you have made sufficient effort to contact the seller or sellers. If this is not the case, please contact the seller or sellers first.

We will check whether the form you have filled in meets the requirements. If the form is filled in incorrectly, we will not be able to process the report.

We will assess whether it is indisputable that the offer is unlawful or punishable. We do this carefully and to the best of our ability. The offer will be changed or removed from the platform, or your request will be rejected. If your request is rejected, we will let you know why.

The entire process will be completed by within a maximum of 15 days after submission of the form.

Option 1: Fill in the NTD form. Then click here
Option 2: There is currently a technical problem with the NTD form. Your request may not reach our server properly. As a result, the case does not reach us. If you experience a problem, please contact