What is an offer feed?

The offer feed is the start of the sale of your product range. It forms the basis for correct information in the shop and for satisfied Customers!

Offer feed

This is an Excel or txt file containing articles that can be purchased by bol.com from the Supplier. The document contains information on availability, price and delivery time, stock levels and EAN numbers.

Each offer feed contains an updated ‘Quantity Stock’ field. The quantity entered is the amount that is available between two offer feed uploads. This means that up-to-date and accurate stock levels are necessary for good supply reliability.


Supplier X uploads the offer feed hourly. The offer feed at 13.00 hours lists Quantity Stock of 1,000, which means that 1,000 items are available until 14:00 hours.

If 10 items were sold during the offer feed at 13:00-14:00 hours, the Quantity Stock in the offer feed at 14:00 hours should be 990. If you, as the Supplier, again list Quantity Stock of 1,000 in the offer feed at 14:00 hours, this will again be used as the starting number.

If no stock is available then you, as the Supplier, should enter a 0 for both ‘Max delivery time’ and ‘Quantity stock’.