Compulsory product information regarding the DSA

Fill in the new attributes and verify your product information.


From today onwards, information can be provided for products under the Digital Services Act (DSA).

The Digital Services Act (DSA)

Under the DSA, bol is obligated to request and share certain product information on the platform. This includes data from the responsible market participant in the EU.

Starting today, the data from the responsible market participant in the EU can be provided. New attributes have been created for this purpose, which will be made available in the article overview for each product group in the coming days. Please check if the attributes are already available for your products and begin filling them out.

The responsible market participant in the EU can be

  • The manufacturer
  • The authorized representative
  • The importer
  • The distributor
  • The fulfillment service provider
  • Other natural or legal persons subject to obligations regarding the manufacture of products, placing them on the market, or putting them into service in accordance with the applicable Union harmonization legislation (Article 3 point 13 Regulation EU 2019/1020).

If you’re unsure who the responsible market participant in the EU is for your products, consider consulting a (legal) advisory firm.

Which data needs to be provided?

The following data is requested for all existing and new items on Bol (excluding books, e-books, and gift cards):

  • Name of the responsible market participant in the EU
  • Address of the responsible market participant in the EU
  • Phone number of the responsible market participant in the EU
  • Email address of the responsible market participant in the EU

All attributes are pre-filled with a standard text: Deze informatie volgt nog/ Ces informations suivront bientôt (This information will follow soon). Filling in the attributes will overwrite this text. The attributes will gradually become visible online for the customer.

In addition to the data of the responsible market participant, the DSA also mandates other product information per item. Much of this information is likely already filled in, but we ask you to review your product information for the following:

  • Information such as price, quantity, and product specifications (also known as pre-contractual information)
  • Information on product conformity and product safety
  • A unique article number, such as an EAN (European Article Number)
  • Any trademarks, symbols, or logos used by you as a seller
  • Labeling and marking based on European legislation on product safety and product conformity.

New products and existing products

For new items where information is requested under the DSA, providing this information is mandatory. Without supplying this information, an item will not be published online.

All existing items will remain online for the time being, even if these new attributes are not yet filled in. However, it’s advisable to start filling them in now because this information will become mandatory later on. Failure to provide the required data in the future will result in your product not being published online. You will, of course, be informed in a timely manner about this obligation.

What is the easiest way to enrich the current products?

The online editor is likely the most efficient way to update a large amount of product information at once, given the likelihood of dealing with numerous products.