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On this page you can read more about how product information is structured and how you can add this information to multiple articles.

How is product information structured?

Good product information is important for successfully selling your product range via In fact, this information helps the Customer to form a clear impression of a potential purchase. The more information that is known about an article, the more likely the Customer is to make a purchase. Also, your article will be more findable if its product information is complete – both within and via external search engines such as Google. However, not all information is equally essential and it is therefore useful to know what levels there are:

– Basic information: basic information necessary for a Customer to see what kind of article it is.
– Preparation for sale: minimum information required to put your article online.
– More findable: information that helps Customers find the article better. For example, this information is used in the filters on list pages.
– Higher conversion: additional information that helps Customers get an even better idea of the product.

How do you add information to multiple articles via the sales account?

You can add or change the product information for several items simultaneously in the sales account. You do this by following the steps below:

1. Go to your offer

In your sales account, click on ‘Articles’ at the top and then choose ‘My Offers’.

2. Find the articles you want to edit

Find the articles whose product information you want to edit. This can be done by typing the EAN, ISBN or title into the search bar.

3. Select the articles you want to edit

Tick the articles you want to edit and click on ‘Edit product information’ at the top. You will then see the following screen.

4. Choose 'Based on selection’

You will then see the following screen, where you can immediately improve your product information.

By using the filters ‘Required’, ‘Additional’ and ‘Optional’, you can immediately see which fields still need to be filled. Use the scroll functionality at the bottom to see all the columns and rows where product information is still missing. Enter the product information directly in the screen.

Tips for editing product information in bulk:

-Use the filters.
-By default, you get a total overview of all your articles. You can make this overview more compact by choosing between the different product categories at the top.
-Required (red).
Use the ‘Required’ filter to view only those articles that require information to get the article online. You can recognise these required fields by their red colour.
-Entering additional product information in the yellow boxes will make your articles easier to find.
-Finally, fill in the optional product information in the green boxes to optimise the findability of your article.

By entering this product information, your articles will be easier to find and you will be helping Customers in the purchase process.

5. And then... Please wait!

Additions or changes will be processed within 8 hours and will then be visible via It is also possible that after 8 hours your changes are not visible on This could be due to priority being given to existing or other new product information from other Suppliers or brands.