Enforcement of terms and conditions on invoices


Starting today we will enforce stricter compliance within invoice control on our terms and conditions as specified in our contracts. We believe that compliance with these terms and is essential to ensure the continued success of both parties.

Price differences

The enforcement of the invoices includes checking for price discrepancies. We are seeing a large increase in invoice failures due to price difference between order price and invoices. Therefore we ask you to be keen on uploading the offerfeed. The price known in our system at the time of placing the order is leading for bol.


An invoice submitted (both EDI and SCP) fails when the order price (based on the offerfeed) and the invoice price do not match. After a manual check, this invoice is claimed (request for credit note). This can be objected to via our objection form withing a maximum of 14 days, which will be processed by team Supplier Invoice matching.

Objections based on price differences between order price and invoice price where the offerfeed is leading will be rejected and the request for credit note will stand.


Make sure your offerfeed is up to date so that bol can place orders with the correct prices. Here you can find more information: