Results pilot Brand Activation Page


Have you seen our pilot around the Brand Activation Page yet? Brand Activation Pages are temporary web pages specifically designed to draw attention to product launches, wins, events and more. We've continued to expand this pilot recently, tested it extensively and scaled it up bit by bit. Below are the valuable data and customer insights from this pilot.

Data insights:
We experimented with 5 different brands for 3 months to create more engagement on our page. After analysis, we found that 37% of our visitors view a video on our Brand Activation Page. Although this percentage is hard to compare, we are happy to say that it met our expectations. The average CTR from a brand activation page is 39%, which is lower than from a list page. But since the purpose of the page is different, we think this is a nice start.

Brand satisfaction score:
We interviewed the pilot group and found that 4 out of 5 are interested in taking another Brand Activation Page. We also received some tips for improvement, such as more interactive elements.

Customer insights:
Bol customers especially desire products on our Brand Activation Page. Great news! Because these elements were added this month.