Add warehouse closing days

Closing days are those on which no delivery can be made.

The closing days indicate when you, as a supplier, cannot deliver to bol. No orders can be placed from the company that have a delivery date on one of the closing days. On a closing day, orders can still be placed by bol.

Example situation

Suppose your warehouse has maintenance on 13 and 14 February. This will mean that you can still deliver on the 13th, because this shipment will be prepared in your warehouse on the 12th. But you won’t be able to deliver on 14 and 15 February because your warehouse won’t be able to prepare the shipments for shipment then. Then you indicate that 14 and 15 February are closing days.

Your buyer or supply chain specialist from bol can still place orders with you on 14 and 15 February, but these will only have a minimum delivery date of 16 February.


To be able to submit closing days, 2 conditions must be met:

  • Your account in the supplier portal has admin rights
  • The closing days are 7 days in the future

If you do not yet have admin rights on your account in the the supplier portal, here can you find out how to get the portal admin rights.

1. Go to "Account & Organisation Administration" in the supplier portal.

2. Select "Warehouse informatie"

3. Click on "+ Uitsluitingsdagen toevoegen"

4. Select the desired date

Keep in mind here that you specify the date when delivery is actually not possible. Suppose your warehouse is closed on 13 February, this means you cannot deliver on 14 February. Enter 14 February in the supplier portal.

Repeat this step if you want to add several dates at once.

5. Click on "> Toevoegen"

6. Check if the date(s) are correct

After clicking “Toevoegen” the added dates will appear in the “Uitsluitingsdagen” overview. Check that these dates are correct.

Deleting closing days

It is of course also possible to delete exclusion days. Here, the only condition is that the account you try to do this with has admin rights in the leveranciers portaal.

1. Go to "Account & Organisation Administration" in the supplier portal

2. Select "Warehouse informatie"

3. Click on the bin next to the closing day that you want to remove

4. Confirm the deletion