Improve product information

On this page you will find tips and tricks per product group and you can also see what the best title structure is for your product.

Choose a searchable title

A good title contains the distinguishing features of an article, so that Customers can easily scan for differences on an overview page with many articles. Not all product groups have the same title structure. Below you can find tips and tricks per product group and also see what the best title structure is for your product. Make sure the title is not too long and only mentions the most important features.

An example of a good title structure is:

[Brand] [Series] [Product group] – [Size] – [Number of items/features]


  • State the brand (if applicable)
  • Indicate the model or type number
  • Indicate the product group
  • Use a hyphen to separate different parts:
  • Indicate one or two distinguishing features


  • Words in capitals
  • English words
  • Different spellings or synonyms
  • Many adjectives
  • Use more than 70 characters (including spaces)
  • Use symbols

Ensure correct and complete product specifications

Product specifications contribute to the findability of articles. Therefore, make sure that the content you post with the article is as complete as possible. After all, when Customers are searching, it is important that they are able to find the articles on the basis of the information you have entered. Are certain features not applicable to your article? Then you do not need to fill them; this has no influence on the findability of your article.

Provide a clear description of the product

Is the article made of gold or gold-plated with a silver core? What is the colour, diameter, weight or width? Enter as many details of the article as possible in the product description. That way, a Customer knows what to expect and is more likely to make a purchase. You can either functionally explain the specifications or explain what you can use a product for. A good description reduces the return rate and increases conversion.

You can use HTML formatting to organise the description. The HTML that supports are:

  • Normal text or a header (also called ‘header 3’ in the tooling).
  • Text in bold: text
  • A listing of both numbers and dots
  • text

All other HTML mentioned in texts are not supported and therefore not shown in the product description.

Product information quality

When you view an item in your supplier account, you can see from the status what the quality of the product information for this article is.

On the ‘My Offers’ page you can also filter under ‘Product Information’ in the upper left. For example, this allows you to filter out and immediately improve all articles whose information quality is ‘Poor’.

A unique product description makes your article easier to find in Google, so make sure you appeal to Customers with it! In addition, the first 120 characters of an article are immediately shown in Google as a description for an article.

Tips and tricks per product group

When completing product information, it is important to know that different product features are requested for each product group. Every article is different and the Customer requires different information for each product. For example, with headphones it is relevant if the brand is mentioned in the title, but with a game the title of the game and the platform is sufficient. Your contact at can provide you with a manual per shop (clustering relevant product groups together) where you can find some shop-specific practices regarding product information.