Optimising images

On this page you will find tips and tricks on how to use images optimally.

Photography images

Images help Customers get a good idea of the article. Therefore, include as many images as possible that show the article from different angles.

The following guidelines apply to product photography:

– Photograph the article from different angles and at least from the front, and fill the frame as much as possible.
– Also photograph relevant details.
– Only put the article itself and the accessories that go with it in the image, i.e. only what the Customer receives.
– Show the article out of the packaging – with the exception of board games and media carriers, etc. An image of the article in its packaging is also allowed provided there is also a image of the article out of the packaging.
– Provide a white, neutral background with no visible shadows. This excludes atmospheric images; articles in a specific setting.

Images should not contain:

– Discount labels, watermarks, company names or company logos, as stated in the General Terms and Conditions.
– Stickers from Kieskeurig or the Consumers’ Association (Consumentenbond).
– Promotional elements such as ‘buy now’, ‘cheap’ or ‘customisable’ or service-related information such as ‘extended warranty’ or ‘free shipping’.
– Generic or graphic images and illustrations that are not actual product images – with the exception of articles in the ‘Hardware’ and ‘Vehicles and parts’ categories.


Not every image can be uploaded to the platform just like that. The following criteria apply in connection with copyright:

– If product information – including images – is not provided by you, you are not permitted to use it outside bol.com.
– Images should be free of discount labels, watermarks, company names or company logos.
– You are not permitted to use images from Google images. These images are rarely free of rights and their use can therefore lead to claims. You are also not permitted to refer to images that can be found on other bol.com pages.
– The product information – including images – must not infringe on the rights of third parties including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights. These include trademark rights and copyright.

Further information on the use of images can be obtained from Supplier Service.