Trademark and property rights

Guidelines have been drawn up to help you enter product information. In this way, we can jointly prevent misleading information from appearing in the product information.

Do you want to sell an article that is not yet part of the product range? Then the following guidelines apply.

Brand guidelines

  • EAN

    Every brand product must have an EAN. This is a product number that distinguishes your article from another article. You must request an EAN from GS1. This EAN must be visible on the packaging or on the article. You are not permitted to use an EAN number other than the one on the original product packaging or the article.

  • Brand

    An article may be offered as a brand article if it is actually a brand article. In other words: an article of a brand that is registered with BOIP, specifically for that type of article (correct class).

  • Visibility of brand

    The brand must be visible on the original product packaging or on the article itself and also on the product image.

Guidelines for brand articles and own brand articles with trademark rights

What is allowed, for example:

  • The brand name may only be used in the product title if it is preceded by “suitable for”. A good product title: “Samyang 35 ,, F1.4 AS UMC – Prime Lens – Suitable for Samsung NX”
  • A notification of trademark infringement in a trademark registration status: “Application received” or “Assessment on absolute grounds in order” is sufficient to process the application
  • Offering an article as both a private label article and an unbranded article under the same sales number. This is not considered a double offer
  • If your brand is registered with the trademark register (BOIP or EUIPO), the EAN is registered with GS1 in the name of the brand owner and the brand is visibly printed on the original product packaging or on the product, it counts as an official brand on
  • Het merk/beeldmerk is zichtbaar bedrukt op het product en/of de verpakking en is daarnaast ook zichtbaar op één of meerdere productafbeeldingen op de productpagina van
  • Vul bij het invoeren van de productinformatie in het merkveld jouw merknaam in. Doe dit in de vorm van tekst, ook als jij jouw merk enkel als beeldmerk hebt geregistreerd

What, for example, is not allowed:

  • The EAN is initially used for an unbranded article (the EAN is online before the brand is registered).
  • The product image with the brand and/or branded packaging will be added later
  • Use of EAN from an organisation other than GS1
  • A printed shipping box with the brand/signature
  • Own original product packaging without product specifications, provided this is required in the product category (e.g. make-up)
  • Use of sticker of a brand/image on a packaging
  • The brand/image mark, brand name or website as watermark on the product image
  • The brand/image has been photoshopped onto the product and/or image
  • Repeatedly adding articles after violation of property rights
  • The product images you use must not infringe on the copyrights of third parties. This means that you need permission from the copyright holder to use the pictures. If you take the photos yourself, you are the copyright holder. Therefore, do not copy images from other sellers on the platform
  • One-to-one copy of text from another EAN
  • Use any brand name with your product if the brand is not yours
  • Use logo as brand name on the product and/or packaging if it is not registered
  • Taking over the advert and changing the content so that the advert does not (no longer) comply with the brand guidelines. Each EAN belongs to a specific article and therefore copying product information is not possible. The same applies to product reviews and other data associated with an EAN. This information cannot be transferred to another EAN either
  • It is not permitted to offer the same completely identical items under different EANs (double offer). This can cause confusion for customers and is also not useful for yourself since the number of sales, clicks and views are divided over several articles instead of one. In addition, it is not allowed to offer multiple products from different accounts. If you have multiple sales accounts, the assortment or country of sale should be different for each account
  • If you change the article or a product characteristic (such as brand or colour), you must use a new EAN and add this to your offer again

Contact the seller first

If you are unsure whether the item from another partner is identical to your offer, we advise you to contact the selling party. This can be done by contacting the other partner through the contact details available on their shop page. Is an article not allowed to be sold by a seller? Then you can report this by means of a Notice and Take Down procedure. Another option is to click on ‘Question about this item’ on the product page of the relevant item via the ‘View and compare all sellers’ button. If you cannot find a solution you can always contact our partner service.