FAQ delivery to BFC Site 1 and Site 2

BFC 2 is open! In order to make things go well, you will find the answers to the most common questions regarding delivery to BFC 1 and 2 below.

Step-by-step guide: from order placement to delivery:

Final delivery (steps 4 and 5 from the step-by-step guide in more detail):

What if my carrier tries to deliver a pallet to BFC Site 1 that was destined for BFC Site 2?
  • If the carrier is still there, the warehouse issues a yellow card. The carrier must reload the cargo and go to the porter again to reserve a dock for BFC Site 2
  • If the carrier has already left and we then discover that a BFC Site 1 cargo has been unloaded at BFC Site 2, a yellow card will be issued on the BFC Site 1 packing list. There will be a message that the cargo was unloaded at the wrong location. The shipment will, however, be booked at BFC Site 2, the wrong location.
Will invoicing still work?
  • Yes, invoicing looks at accrual on total premises so there is no negative impact on invoicing.
What if my carrier has loaded his truck incorrectly and he is now at BFC Site 2?
  • The carrier is allowed to take out his/her cargo from BFC Site 1 and unload the cargo for BFC Site 2. There is room at the docks to do this. After unloading the BFC Site 2 cargo, the BFC Site 1 cargo will be loaded back into the truck, and then unloaded again at the BFC Site 1 side. No yellow or red cards are issued here, but the advice is to take this into account when loading the next combined shipment.
What if I get a red card at BFC Site 2, is the carrier still allowed to unload at BFC Site 1?
  • Yes, they are two different buildings, and unloading is still permitted at BFC Site 1. The red card will be issued on the packing list and not on the premises and will therefore not prevent the carrier from continuing to BFC Site 1.
What if my carrier does not show all the packing lists to the porter?
  • When he/she arrives at the assigned dock and the dock employee notices that there are cargoes for the other Site, the correct cargo will be unloaded first. Next, a yellow card will be issued on the section for the other Site. The carrier will be instructed to drive back to the porter's office to have a dock assigned for the not yet displayed packing list. After the dock has been assigned, the carrier will be able to unload his/her cargo at the corresponding dock. It is therefore important to show all packing lists upon arrival at the porter's office. In this way, two docks can be assigned immediately and we prevent unnecessary waiting times for carriers and unnecessary trips over the terrain.
What if I have not yet set up all the GLNs?
  • If a GLN has not yet been set up, you will not receive the orders that we use for BFC Site 2. It is important that you arrange this as soon as possible so that orders entered via EDI can be processed.
What if I have not clearly mentioned on the packing list for which site the pallets are intended?
  • The warehouse will issue a yellow card for this and the shipment will be processed, provided the cargo is at the correct location.