First Aid For Incorrect Deliveries

We understand that with the opening of BFC Site 2, a new process is required. Below we outline two scenarios that may be uncertain. These scenarios are already briefly described in the FAQ, but deserve extra attention and explanation.

Scenario 1:

At the docks we find out that there is a BFC Site 1 pallet in the truck/ being unloaded at BFC Site 2. This happens during receipt, so the carrier is still present.

If all packing lists were shown to the porter:

Then the carrier has received a dock for BFC Site 2 and a dock has already been reserved for him/her at BFC Site 1 at a later time.

This is the normal process. The workers at the dock at BFC Site 2 will urge the BFC Site 2 cargo to be unloaded and then instruct the carrier to proceed to the dock reserved for him at BFC Site 1.


If packing lists for BFC Site 1 are not shown and therefore no dock is reserved for the carrier at BFC Site 1. The carrier stands to unload his/her cargo at BFC Site 2:

The carrier will first unload at BFC 2, but will then have to go back to the porter to reserve a dock at BFC Site 1. We cannot let carriers drive across the site without a dock. That would make it unsafe on the terrain.

For the period up to and including week 8 2022, if this happens a yellow card will be issued on the packing lists that have not been shown to the porter. This means that the carrier is allowed to unload its cargo at BFC Site 1, after a dock has been assigned there by the porter.

So this will always be yellow in week 3-8, however suppliers will receive a red card afterwards for not showing all packing lists to the porter.

Scenario 2:

The carrier has already left, but we find out that a pallet for BFC Site 2 was delivered to BFC Site 1 or vice versa. How do we enforce against misdelivered shipments, where the carrier has already left?

We process the goods on the side where they were delivered. We always give a yellow card on these shipments. This is a way for both the supplier and to draw attention to correct deliveries. The yellow card that is received is called “Wrong warehouse” and as a sub-reason, the SCP will indicate for which warehouse this was actually meant.